Posted on 22-Apr-2018

The long anticipated release of LTO8 has finally arrived. With a native capacity of 12TB (twice that of LTO7) and transfer speeds of 360MB/s..Read More

Posted on 14-Dec-2016

Building on the proven success of their LTO5 and LTO6 USB connected tape drive solutions UNITEX have launched the LT70, a USB3.0 connected LT..Read More

Posted on 03-Apr-2016

While many companies made the choice to move away from tape backup the relentless development of tape technology and tape data storage combined wi..Read More

Posted on 12-Nov-2015

IBM is the first to announce the much anticipated market release of LTO-7 from 20th November 2015. With a native capacity of 6TB and transfer ..Read More

Posted on 12-Jun-2015

Content is King. It is your product, your inventory and your asset. Long live the King! With the development of digital technologies video/fi..Read More

Posted on 29-Apr-2015

In response to the increasing demand for reliable, non-proprietary, cost effective content storage within the Media and Entertainment industry..Read More

Posted on 03-Dec-2014

Connexion Point is delighted to offer to the market the UNITEX range of USB3.0 connected LTO tape drives. A world first In a world first, UN..Read More

Posted on 27-Nov-2014

“Once you look beyond the marketing hype of other solutions, you realise tape is by far the most economical and reliable archive solution.&r..Read More

Posted on 01-Aug-2014

Mac users rejoice. Connexion Point is delighted to be able to offer direct connection of LTO-6 tape drives to our customers with Thunderbolt-enab..Read More

Posted on 25-Feb-2014

Tape remains THE medium for medium to long term data storage due to its superior (lowest) TCO, read speed, reliability, longevity, portability, of..Read More

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