LTO-6 Reaches New Heights

Posted on 01-Apr-2013

The LTO Ultrium technology is continuously being updated by technology providers Quantum, HP, and IBM to make it more powerful and user-friendly. This same cutting-edge technology has been used to design the LTO-6. With outstanding storage capabilities, the LTO-6 is fast and dependable, and is ideal for a variety of industries looking for a tape with advanced storage facilities.

“With this next generation of LTO technology, we see tape moving from just being included in the data centre game plan into a starring role,” said George Crump, Senior Analyst with Storage Switzerland. ”LTO tape will have a significant density advantage, more capacity on a per form factor basis, ease of use with LTFS, and a significant throughput advantage on a per device basis.”

The recently-finalized LTO-6 specifications support tape cartridge storage capacity of 6.25TB*, more than twice the compressed capacity over the previous generation, and tape drive data transfer rates of up to 400MB* per second for over 1.4 terabytes of storage performance an hour per drive. As with previous generations, LTO-6 drives will provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO generation 5 cartridges and read LTO generation 4 cartridges, helping to preserve media investments and ease implementation.

In addition, the LTO Ultrium generation 6 format includes the partitioning functionality, enabling users to present a tape-based file system with the use of LTFS. With continued support for hardware-based encryption and WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) functionality, LTO Ultrium generation 6 tape technology is designed to provide an optimal balance of performance, capacity, compatibility and cost control supporting a broad range of safe, secure and portable data storage options for backup and archive that are easy to use and address a vast majority of storage needs.

“As LTO tape evolves with greater capacity, speed and functionality, it will take on an even greater critical data protection role for an even wider array of applications,” said Sanjay Tripathi, Director and Business Line Executive, IBM Data Protection and Retention Systems. “The continued development of LTO technology and LTFS reflect our belief that a smarter approach to storage can help customers not only improve overall system performance and reliability, but reap greater returns on their investments.”

The LTO Program celebrates its 12th year with over 4 million tape drive shipments and over 200 million tape cartridge shipments to all major industries around the world. The LTO Program will be presenting and demonstrating LTO technology at IBC in Amsterdam, DVExpo in Pasadena, Calif., Storage Decisions in New York and Inter BEE in Tokyo. Find conference dates and info at Learn more about LTO technology, LTFS, exciting user stories and a variety of compelling storage white papers at

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