LTO-7, it’s almost here!

Posted on 12-Nov-2015

IBM is the first to announce the much anticipated market release of LTO-7 from 20th November 2015.

With a native capacity of 6TB and transfer speeds of 300MB/s the seventh generation in the LTO development roadmap provides a significant increase in capacity and performance over LTO-6 which was released to the market in 2012.

LTO-7 continues the LTO tradition of providing undeniable superiority in long term data retention (in excess of 30 years) with its lower cost per GB, lower operating cost and lower energy cost than other data storage options.

LTO-7 specific benefits include;


LTO-7 continues to support hardware based encryption, WORM (write once read many) and LTFS (the partitioning functionality that offers the user a file system view of the data on the tape).

LTO-7 further solidifies the modern use case for tape storage environments,” says Jason Buffington, senior analyst, data protection at ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group).  “This new generation of tape technology will offer a high level of capacity at low cost, and with LTFS capabilities, should be considered as a part of any tiered storage management plan.”

LTO remains the only technology capable of massive scale at a manageable cost.

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