mTape: The World’s First Standalone Thunderbolt-enabled LTO-6 Tape Drive

Posted on 01-Aug-2014

Mac users rejoice.  Connexion Point is delighted to be able to offer direct connection of LTO-6 tape drives to our customers with Thunderbolt-enabled computers.

Prior to this solution an additional device was required to link the Thunderbolt port to the SAS drive.  This solution was clumsy and added cost.  No longer.  mTape is the first LTO-6 tape drive to feature Thunderbolt connectivity and the first tape drive system to receive Thunderbolt certification from Apple Inc. and Intel Corporation.

mTape supports LTFS (Linear Tape File System).  With LTFS mTape presents the LTO-6 tape just like a hard drive or USB key to provide copying, moving and deletion functionality, as well as drag-and-drop capability in the user interface.

As an LTFS formatted tape can be read independently of the storage system this means any LTO-6 tape drive will support access, now and in the future, to the tape contents.  This is important for those industries wishing to share significant data sets as well as those concerned about their ability to access their archived data 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now.

LTO tape offers a storage medium with a shelf life and reliability that greatly exceeds that which is achievable with spinning disk, external HDD and/or solid state technology.

mTape Highlights;
• The world’s first standalone Thunderbolt LTO-6 tape drive.
• Supports LTFS for drag and drop functionality.
• Portable form factor with light-weight aluminium construction and DC power.
• Mac OS X and Windows compatible.

mTape is the ideal backup and archiving solution for users of laptops and all-in-one computers including the new Mac Pro.

"Providing an LTO-6 tape drive solution with Thunderbolt connectivity offers creative professionals a high-speed, plug and play solution to securely backup and archive large amounts of digital media," said Jason Ziller, marketing director for Thunderbolt, Intel Corp.

Contact us now for additional information on how mTape and Connexion Point can support your needs.



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