LTO Data Tape Cartridges

HP LTO-5 Ultrium Tape Cartridges









The Ultrium tape is the implementation of the LTO (Linear Tape-Open) technology that is optimised for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability in either a stand-alone or an automated environment.

LTO7 delivers outstanding performance and capacity

  • The LTO7 tape offers the best performance and capacity of any tape technology, with over two times the capacity and faster performance compared to the LTO6. LTO7 maximum compressed capacity is a massive 15TB

    •The LTO6 tape offers high performance and capacity with two and a half times the capacity and faster performance compared to the LTO4. LTO6 maximum compressed capacity is 6.25TB

  • LTO5 maximum compressed capacity is 3.0TB. The LTO4 data tape’s maximum compressed capacity is 1.6TB, with the LTO3’s maximum compressed capacity being 800GB, followed by the LTO2 at 400GB’s and the LTO 1 at 1.5 TB.


  • LTO cleaning tape has been engineered to safely remove read / write head contaminants from tape drives, reducing error rates due to the build-up of debris.  The number of drive cleaning uses for an LTO cleaning tape is dependent on the drive manufacturer / model.

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