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Connexion Point sells the outstanding Enstor range of tape autoloaders. To learn more visit www.enstor.com.au or scroll down for a brochure.

Tape Autoloaders

An autoloader is an economical and simple backup system, ideal for multiple servers where there is a demand for high capacity storage. Autoloaders are reliable, easy to use and install with a compact size, and will change tapes automatically which saves both time and money.

Trusted brands, including the Enstor range of autoloaders, have been designed to exacting standards and specifications to perform consistently well day in and day out, offering a simple and easy conversion from a stand-alone to an automated tape backup system.

Connexion Point sells and repairs all types of autoloaders, including IBM, HP, Tandberg and Quantum autoloaders.

Connexion Point is the exclusive supplier of the new Enstor range of autoloaders in Australia. To download a brochure on the fantastic Enstor autoloader / tape library range, please click here.

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