Tape Barcode Labels

LTO Tape Barcode Labels

Connexion Point sells DLT, SDLT, AIT & LTO tape barcode labels. Other high quality tape labels for tape drives are also available.

1. CXP can provide any type of printed removable or permanent barcode tape label you need.

2. We can customise barcode labels to suit your user environment. You can order any 6 character alphanumeric arrangement, any colour pattern, and any tape barcode label positioning.

3. Connexion Points offers an easy way for you to order your barcode labels. Simply e-mail or fax us your tape barcode label needs and we will supply a barcode label to your exact specifications.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using barcode labels:

  • Be precise in the positioning of your barcode label.  A label that has been applied incorrectly can cause the tape loader to load the wrong tape and will damage your tape or tape library.
  • Never re-use a label or put a new label on top of an existing barcode label.
  • When you take an old tape label off do so carefully by pulling the label slowly at a right angle to the case.
  • Only use peel-clean tape labels that do not leave a sticky film.  Gently remove any residue on the cartridge by rubbing it with you finger, do not use any liquid, chemical or a sharp object to clean the area.
  • Look closely at the tape label before you stick it on, and do not use the barcode label if it has smudges or voids on the code. 
  • Examine the tape label before you apply it to the cartridge.  Do not use the barcode label if it has voids or smears in the printed characters or bar code (an application’s inventory operation will take much longer if the barcode label is not readable).
  • When removing the tape label from the page do so carefully to avoid stretching the label or curling the edges.
  • Place the barcode label inside the recessed area on the cartridge and use gentle finger pressure to smooth the label and remove any bubbles or creases.
  •  Keep the rest of the cartridge free from other machine-readable tape labels.

Order quality tape barcode labels from the tape backup specialists. Call Connexion Point today on 1800 666 460. 

  • ANSI/ISO standard tape barcode labels
  • Custom designed tape barcode labels
  • Tape labels that will not curl, warp, reflect or fade
  • Any any number or colour combination of tape barcode labels
  • Connexion Point supplies all types of tape media barcode labels

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