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UNITEX launches High Speed USB3.0 and LTO9 USB connected tape drives

Development never stops at Unitex Corporation as evidenced by the release of two significant product offerings and a transfer speed increase across the product range.



LT90H2 is here! With the recent release of LTO9 data tape technology Unitex Corporation is delighted to add to its product family the world’s first USB3.0 connected LTO9 tape drive.


Offering a massive 18TB native data capacity (45TB with 2.5:1 compression) when using LTO9 tape media LT90H2 raises the benchmark for USB3.0 connected data tape capacity. Data capacity of 12TB native is possible (30TB with 2.5:1 compression) when using LTO8 media.


LT90H2 is also available as a USB3.0 and SAS interface hybrid further enhancing its versatility and performance.


High Speed USB

With the aim of ever higher performance Unitex Corporation has released High Speed USB3.0 connection for their range of USB connected LTO offerings.

• LT90H2 launches to market with a native transfer speed up to 300MB/sec.

• LT80H2 now offers an increased native transfer speed up to 300MB/sec.

• LT70H2 also benefits from the higher native transfer speed up to 300MB/sec.



The UNITEX range of products is unique in offering USB connectivity to the LTO platform. This incorporates all the benefits of LTO (lowest per GB cost, portability, speed, reliability) and LTFS (ease of use, vendor neutral) and adds the benefit of easy connection to multiple OS platforms.


No other LTO solution in the market today offers the versatility and application opportunity than that provided by the UNITEX USB3.0 connected range of LTO devices.



UNITEX LTO USB3.0 connected tape drives come bundled with the UNITEX LTFS3000 software providing a simple user interface utilising the industry standard LTFS (Linear Tape File System) format and functionality ensuring it is easier than ever to backup/archive/share data across multiple machines and platforms.

UNITEX LTO USB3.0 tape drives when utilised with LTFS provide for;

• the LTO tape to be presented as an extension of the operating system file structure so anyone can seamlessly manage files on LTO tape similar to the way they would manage any other USB connected storage device.

• familiar file access, copy, paste and drag and drop functionality.

• the seamless exchange of data across multiple machines and operating systems i.e. Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.


A variety of applications

As well as supporting business by freeing up expensive laptop/PC/server disk/flash storage through data archiving and/or part of a disaster recovery strategy LTO/LTFS has particular relevance and benefit to the following industry specific challenges;


Media & Entertainment

The switch to digital recording and higher picture resolution within film and television has driven demand for more reliable, efficient and cost effective storage and archiving solutions.

LTO/LTFS benefit;

• Cost-effective storage solution for large volumes of data

• Simple, highly flexible exchange and data transfer with service providers and other departments without being bound to specific hardware.

• Reliable storage for long-term archiving.


Video Surveillance

The increasing adoption of digital CCTV surveillance systems offering high definition, high capture rates combined with expected retention periods is driving up the cost of storage.

LTO/LTFS benefit;

• Cost-effective, scalable solution for increasing primary site storage. Facilitates off-line, off-site archival storage

• Flexibility and mobility: Access to data is possible from different platforms

• Encryption and WORM protect data from unauthorized access and accidental deletion of records



The healthcare sector is collecting ever more patient data and holding it electronically. This includes X-rays, CT, MRI, MAMMO, Cardiology and other types of electronic patient imagery that is difficult to deduplicate on disk and therefore takes up a large amount of storage space.

LTO/LTFS benefit;

• Reliable storage solution for large volumes of data

• Significant reduction of IT budgets

• Encryption and WORM facilitates a high level of security and data protection for sensitive information


Big Data

Although the exact definition of “Big Data”’ varies, as a rule, the focus is on the challenges that arise for companies and organisations due to the constantly increasing flow of unstructured data. This data must continue to meet the technical, and any compliance, requirements in terms of availability, flexibility and data protection.

LTO/LTFS benefit;

• Scalable network data storage solution that simply grows (by adding more tapes) with increasing data volumes.

• Meets integrity and compliance demands for archiving

• Significant cost advantages compared to disk-based storage solutions.



Select UNITEX LTO/LTFS Solutions for additional information.


Or contact us now for additional information on how UNITEX and Connexion Point can support your business needs.

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