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Tape Autoloaders & Tape Libraries

Tape Autoloaders

Smaller tape libraries with only one drive are commonly known as tape autoloaders. An autoloader provides an easy-to-install and cost-effective backup system.

Tape autoloaders are the perfect backup solution for multiple servers where a high capacity is needed. They provide reliable and consistent backup and automatic tape change so that the IT resource is able to work on other critical tasks.

With a compact size and shape, as well as evolutionary design, it allows for a stress-free transition from stand-alone tape to automated tape backup.

CXP offers sales and repairs for all makes and models of autoloaders, including more established brands like IBM autoloaders, HP autoloaders, and Quantum autoloaders.


Tape Libraries

Tape libraries are increasingly popular choices for companies that are striving to optimise the performance of their disk-based backup systems whilst protecting the investment of time and money they have already made.

As a storage device a tape library can accumulate a large amount of data, and tape libraries are beneficial in their ability to easily expand as your business grows, easing the burden on data storage administrators.

Connexion Point has the expert knowledge in component repair of tape libraries and can offer you advice on the purchase of a new tape library or expansion of existing tape libraries.

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