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Connexion Point offers a range of RDX products, giving the scalability, portability and low cost of tape, as well as added disk benefits.

While LTO tape offers significant advantages for larger data set demands it is not necessarily cost-effective for smaller data sets or small/home office and/or SMB/SME organisations.
RDX removable disk storage is the answer for single-server applications requiring a simple, smart, cost-effective and reliable data backup and/or archiving solution or those wishing to replace low capacity, aging tape technologies.

RDX Removable HDD/SSD Storage System

While for all businesses data protection is a business priority this can be especially challenging for smaller operators with less available budget and IT expertise. Failure to manage and secure company data can result in business disruption, devastating losses or even business failure.

The temptation to use consumer grade USB connected hard drives should be considered against their ability to withstand the environmental and physical demands placed on them as well as the ability to safely store and restore valuable data for months and years to come.

RDX is a portable disk-based technology designed to meet the needs of business.


RDX Advantages

• Removability and Portability: With a standard 3.5-inch form factor the USB/SATA connected drive system uses a highly durable 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) or Solid-State Device (SSD) cartridge. These protective, shock-proof cartridges will survive a drop test from one metre onto a tiled floor.

• Archivability and Reliability: The rugged RDX cartridge is resistant to dust, humidity, electrostatic damage and vibration. It is specifically designed to eliminate head-media contact or disk sticking significantly improving its mechanical reliability thereby producing an archival life of at least 10 years.

• Compatibility: The RDX system is compatible will all common backup applications, a wide range of servers and operating systems as well as Windows Backup.

• Simplicity and Security: With all the user benefits of a disk drive there is no specialist knowledge required to operate. Standard copy, paste, drag-and-drop commands apply. Cartridges are available in read/write or WORM (Write Once Read Many) formats. Cartridges can be stored offline either on or off-site for additional data protection.

RDX Benefits

• Performance: Backup and restore critical files in seconds. USB3.0 connectivity allows data transfer rates up to 180 MB/s. The ability to random access data once it’s recorded vastly improves single file restore times. With a selection of HDD or SSD cartridge solutions, users can choose the solution that meets their unique performance and capacity needs.

• Affordability: With all RDX cartridges forward and backwards compatible there is no generational obsolescence. As higher-capacity cartridges are introduced they will work with your existing RDX drive. RDX offers a very low initial cost and lower total cost of ownership when compared to similar capacity tape solutions. Scalable: With cartridges ranging from 64GB to 2TB capacity can be sized for purpose and the ability to ‘add another cartridge’ ensures capacity is virtually limitless.



With RDX technology users no longer have to choose between legacy tape systems, disk or a combination of both to back up their high-end desktops or single servers. RDX technology offers the best of both worlds: tape (removability, affordability, Archivability) and disk (higher performance, simplicity, reliability) all in one cost-effective package.
RDX is the ideal solution to replace ageing 8mm, VXA, DLT, DDS and DAT tape technologies.


What about cloud storage?

While the cloud is quick and convenient for sharing files over the internet for backup and long-term, bulk data archives you’re better off with RDX. The benefits of RDX over cloud solutions are the following:

• Backup and restore everything: Almost all SMB cloud storage services only support file-based backup and restore. So while you might get your data back you won’t be able to restore your applications, network and other user settings. Some cloud storage providers do offer ‘bare metal restore’ but at an Enterprise price.

• RDX is fast: No need for an expensive, ultra-fast internet connection to shorten backup windows. A 2TB restore would take about 5.5 hours to complete with RDX where, with a 2000 Mb/sec internet connection, it could take weeks, if it finishes at all.

• Keep control of your valuable data: RDX is your own private cloud that you can take with you anywhere. You never have to worry about being online, online security breaches or service disruption.

• Clean, green and cost-effective: Off-line, archived cartridges consume no electricity neither is the data subject to ongoing monthly retention costs. 

RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library

The multiple-bay RDX A8 networked storage array enables SMBs to access up to 16TB of data simultaneously (on eight RDX removable disk cartridges, based on 2TB cartridges), and can operate as either a backup target or online storage. Leveraging its ability to mix different capacity RDX media (160GB to 2TB) in a single appliance, the RDX A8 provides “pay-as-you-grow” storage scalability and investment protection.
The Imation RDX A8 delivers comprehensive benefits to SMBs:

• Backup: Faster, easier and more reliable data protection
• Restoration: Quick recovery of data in the event of a disaster
• Cloud-enabling applications: More efficient cloud seeding and storage

Data transfer rates of up to 75 MB/sec enable rapid incremental and full backups, while random access ensures users can find information more quickly than with any sequential-access tape solution. Combining fast access times, high data transfer rates, infinitely scalable capacity and ruggedized media for reliable performance, the Imation RDX A8 is an affordable, enterprise-strength backup system that’s purpose-built for SMBs.

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