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LTO/LTFS USB Video Storage solutions by UNITEX

In response to the increasing demand for reliable, non-proprietary, cost effective content storage within the Media and Entertainment industry Connection Point is pleased to offer the UNITEX range of USB3.0 connected LTO/LTFS products to the Australasian market.

Portability, Ease of Use and Multi-Platform solutions are the cornerstone philosophies embodied in the UNITEX LTO/LTFS product range.

With the trend to higher definition video in broadcasting placing correspondingly higher demands on content storage so LTO tape and LTFS have developed to stay ahead of this challenge. With LTO-6 native data cartridge capacity of 2.5TB and the simplicity of LTFS drag and drop, copy and paste functionality LTO/LTFS is the ideal solution to more expensive, proprietary solutions. Primary LTO/LTFS industry benefits include;

• Reliable, cost effective and easy to use backup and archive • High capacity and fast transfer rates accelerate workflows and enhance productivity • Universal format for interchange and archive

UNITEX LTO USB3.0 connected devices provide for; • the seamless exchange of data across multiple machines and operating systems e.g. Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. • a self-contained LTO solution without the need for additional bridging devices and cabling. • data transfer speeds of up to 140MB/sec. • the support of immediate on-set and near-set processing

UNITEX LTO/LTFS products are designed to meet the fundamental industry need to improve file based production, distribution and digital media archiving workflows. Whether your needs are on-set, near-set or post production Connection Point can assist with your content storage and archiving needs.

Select UNITEX LTO/LTFS Solutions to learn more.

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